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I am a front end web developer

In this modern day websites have never been more important for showing the face of your business to potential customers. Don't forsake the singular most important part of your business startup. Your website speaks a 1000 words to your future customers. Make it count.

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Website Performance

Website performance is to how well your website performs on the web. How good is the code? How well is the website put together? How well will the website run when it loads? Everything is taken into consideration to make the website experience for users the best possible.

As a front end developer I strive to maximise the performance of all my websites - and I use testing tools to prove the build quality for all my clients. It means all my work is very transparent and I like to encourage this kind of build quality.

The tools I use:

GTMetrix | Google PageSpeed Insights | Lighthouse

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Optimise images

Specify image dimensions

Serve images in next-gen formats

Lazyload images

SVG used for logos & icons

Fully responsive images

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Minify Javascript

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When developers write code they write it in a way that makes it easy for humans to read. For example, they use a lot of 'spaces' between words, new paragraphs to separate sections of code and/or use plenty of line breaks. It all helps in making the code visually more readable to humans.

In addition, sometimes developers label and use comments to help explain their logic to other developers or highlight sections of code to increase readability.

All this 'extra stuff' creates a significantly larger file size.

When computers read code however they can read it all in a single line and this is what 'minification or minifying' is. All spaces, paragraphs, linebreaks and comments are removed. The code is all smushed together, dramatically reducing the size of the file. This changes nothing for the computer but it does increase download speeds, leading to faster loading of websites.

Minify CSS

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See minify JavaScript for an explination. It is the same principle.

Minify HTML

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See minify JavaScript for an explination. It is the same principle.

Remove unused CSS

Javascript execution time

Add expires headers

Specify a character set early

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Enable gzip compression

Preload key requests

Avoid bad page redirects

Server response times are low

Use of a CDN

Uses efficient cache policy

Avoid multiple page redirect

Website Accessibility

Website accessibility is how useable your website is to people who have poor eyesight, are hard of hearing or have dexterity issues. As a font end developer, I am a big fan of this functionality and you can expect all my websites to be fully accessible in every area. I meet the AA standard as a minimum.

The tool I use:


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Images have 'alt' attributes

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Interactive elements have 'focus' state

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Website has logical 'focus' order

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Colour contrast - AA standard

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Interactive items are clearly labelled

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Wesite has aria-roles

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HTML5 semantics used throughout

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Website Security

All my websites have full security where applicable. I aim to get the full A+ score with every project. It is the extra mile a take to deliver high quality websites.

The tool I use:

Mozilla Observatory

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Content Security Policy

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Cross-origin Resource Sharing

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HTTP Strict Transport Security

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